About Straker Systems

Straker Systems Ltd, was founded by the present Managing Director, Ian Cunningham BSc, to develop, support and maintain business application software systems for a number of vertical markets. 

Initially, the company’s focus was on providing integrated and best-of-breed systems to motor industry wholesalers and distributors UK wide. 

These original applications were constructed using COBOL development tools and were targeted primarily at multi-user Unix/XENIX systems. 

Straker recognised the strong price/performance ratio of Unix based systems at a time well before “Open Systems” became an industry watchword and provided a real price advantage to clients at a very early stage.  These early applications were also “cross platform” – having the ground breaking ability to run under Unix, XENIX and MS-DOS operating systems.

Continuing its leading and forward looking approach, Straker recognised the potential of Microsoft Windows based applications at an early stage and was one of the first companies in the UK to develop and market an advanced application written entirely in a native Windows database system.  This powerful development environment has since become one of the core instruments in Straker’s technical armoury and has assisted the company to achieve high recognition in several markets but most notably in the highly dynamic and competitive Home Building industry which is now one of Straker’s primary market places. Continuing to move with the times, Straker has also developed several sizeable applications utilising the Micorsoft VB.NET / SQL server environment.

The company is currently based in Stirling, where it enjoys immediate access to all routes north and south along with the convenience of two international airports within easy reach, enabling Straker to maximise support efficiency and delivery to an installed customer base covering the whole of the UK.