Straker Services


Software Development



Software developed by Straker is engineered to the highest standard to ensure that it conforms to the agreed specification. We work with a variety of development tools to ensure that our customer's requirements are met in the most effective and affordable way. Our customers are always involved in the design process thus ensuring that the software meets their requirements and expectations.


Straker maintains the highest standard of services through the selection and development of quality products and the continued investment in staff who are trained to the highest level of competence in all product ranges.


IT Support Services


Straker maintains high levels of end-user support. Our support help desk is manned by experienced staff who are ready to provide general advice and assistance towards investigating and resolving computer software and hardware related problems.  Our help desk staff can also remotely access the "desktops" within most of our client sites to help us to deliver the highest level of support possible.


 Systems Integration

network planning


Straker has extensive experience in dealing with the integration of disparate systems. We are able to port data from most systems into the most suitable format for your business requirements.

Consultancy and Requirement Planning



Straker can provide the necessary expertise and guidance to fully develop our clients' specification of requirements and enable them to obtain the best value from our systems. Experienced system analysts are available to specify amendments or additions as required.


electronic invoice


Straker have been at the forefront of the eBusiness strategy for the forestry industry and has developed various modules designed to process electronic invoices and delivery notes.


Installation Services and Network Planning

Compass and pencil


Straker can provide consultancy, technical assistance and installation services for all  IT needs e.g. Structured cabling, workstation/server installation, security and protection, VPN remote access.

We have the experience that you require.




Straker provides IT support and helpdesk facilities to a wide range of businesses. Our highly skilled staff are able to assist you in resolving any computer related issues that you may have. 



A full programme of training courses is available at our specialised training facility in Cumbernauld and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of our clients. Additionally, specialised on-site training can be arranged if required.

Reporting Solutions



With our wide experience and software tools, we can assist you in extracting and presenting vital information from your data.





Straker has developed several barcoding solutions for customers covering ePOS, Sales Order Process and Warehouse Management functions.

 Microsoft Office Development

MS Office

We can also develop applications using the inbuilt features present within Microsoft Access, Excel and Word.

We have found that utilising mini applications within Microsoft Office applications proves to be very cost effective for our customers.


Legacy Systems


Straker has been at the forefront of software development since 1989, working with a wide variety of programming languages and systems: from Unix and Cobol, VB6, SuperBase, to the latest Microsoft development systems. As a result we are well equipped to work with any legacy system requirements.



All images shown are purely representative and do not reflect actual Straker personnel.