Subcontractor Payment System


The Subcontractor Payment system was developed to assist users in tackling many of the day-to-day tasks necessary when dealing with Subcontractors. The system caters for the entire subcontractor order life-cycle through tendering, order creation, ticking of work, payments (including retention).

To help cut down on duplication of data, the system links to the Straker HomeBuilder3 Valuation module to share development & plot data. The system can also be configured to read subcontractor accounts static data from most standard accounting systems. The system also offers the user comprehensive enquiry routines and an extensive suite of reports.


Order Entry

Easy entry of subcontractor orders, even for a large number of plots.


  • Standardised order-text can be defined for each trade.
  • A single set of costs can be assigned to multiple highlighted plots.
  • Order cost summary facility available to allow users to easily check their work before committing it.
  • Merge style facility to produce the actual subcontractor order (can be previewed before printing).
  • Contains facilities for order revision and special instructions.

Process Recording

Process Recording

Ticking work progress on the system

Easy for users to record actual progress of subcontractor work.


  • Multiple Ticksheet layouts available.
  • Work can be ticked by percentage or value.
  • Override available to allow users to change original price or subcontractor.

Payment Process


Easy for users to generate payment certificates on a weekly or monthly basis.


  • System allows entry of Variation / Contra orders to cater for any adhoc works as necessary.
  • System automatically generates proposed payments for all work ticked in period (week or month).
  • Users can determine which payments they wish to progress – many override features available.
  • System automatically retains suitable retention value (based on development/global settings held for each subcontractor).
  • System automatically “holds” payments for subcontractors whose CIS details have expired.
  • Prints subcontractor payment certificates to be sent to subcontractors / passed to accounts.
  • Ability to reverse payments made in error.


Reports and Enquiries


The system features two separate enquiry modes: a subcontractor based view (The Subcontractor Enquiry centre) and a separate development / plot based view.

Subcontractor Enquiry Centre 

The Subcontractor Enquiry Centre


An extensive suite of subcontractor reports is available within the system:

Subcontractor Payment System Reports

Subcontractor Payment system reports