Estimating System



The HomeBuilder3 Estimating system integrates with the Valuations and Buying modules.  It provides the means to:


  • Create Bills of Material.
  • Easily maintain the Bills once defined.
  • Report and analyse the Bills.
  • Create and maintain Bill pricing strategies.


Bill Definition and Maintenance


Bills are created defining sections and sub-sections of housing development such as house-type superstructure, plot-works, preliminaries, roads, sewers and so on.

These are then easily maintained with in-built facilities to duplicate, restructure, manipulate or clone sections or indeed entirely remove such Bills (or Bill Sections) from the system.

Bill Structure

 The Bill Structure maintenance screen



A variety of reporting options allows reporting and analysis of Bills down to fundamental component level in terms of build-stages, trade category, buying category, cost code. Users also have the ability to create an unlimited variety of user defined reports and on-screen enquiries using the “Quick Report Generator” module.

Bill Pricing Strategies


HomeBuilder3 handles an unlimited variety of pricing strategies which may be dependent on:


  • A standard pricing technique. 
  • Location or region of development. 
  • Supplier specific variations.
  • Any combination of the above factors.

Estimate Price Set Options

Some of the many pricing facilities


System Features


The following features are a sample of the  HomeBuilder3 richness of options designed to assist the user:


  • User friendly, clear and intuitive interface.
  • Links with approved accounting systems for access to cost coding and supplier data. 
  • Easy Lotus/Excel spreadsheet update and maintenance of bill-item database.
  • User definable menu system, password protected.
  • Five types of component databases including composite built-up items.
  • Pricing methodologies allow for unlimited “what-if?” scenarios.
  • Global updates for fast, easy processing of large amounts of information.