Buying System



The HomeBuilder3 Buying module integrates with Estimating and Valuations.

It provides an easily maintained means for the buyer to:

  • Maintain supplier details.
  • Maintain item database and buying lists.
  • Build and maintain pricing information.
  • Produce and transmit purchase orders (plot specific or ad-hoc).
  • Prevent costly order duplication.
  • Control the buying timetable.
  • Monitor and report on replacement orders.
  • Report and analyse on buying history to plot level.


 Underlying Structure


A key feature of HomeBuilder3 is the ability to access and utilise information which may already be stored in the Estimating System while, at the same time allowing Buyers to have the freedom of independent pricing and item descriptions.  Neither Buyers nor Estimators appreciate other parties making changes to their core pricing information and the two (although very similar and closely integrated) are rarely identical in practice.

HomeBuilder3 Buying System allows buyers a flexibility that is unrivalled.


The Order Process

With the exception of Ad-Hoc orders, all purchase ordering on the system is plot specific, linked to a particular development.  Ad-Hoc ordering is simply the ordering of items which are not destined for use on a specific plot such as health and safety items and so on.

The flexibility of the ordering process allows an Ad-Hoc schedule to be added to a plot specific order.

Order Processing Control


The system utilises a combination of user definable options and in-built safety checks to assist with the control and monitoring of purchase orders.


Some of these features include:

  • Detection of duplicate orders. The system will also produce standard reports detailing duplicate orders and reasons.
  • Ability to restrict creation/modification of purchase orders to authorised buyers.
  • Optional “Build Release Stage” facility to control the timing of purchase ordering and also to assist with the automated purchase order functionality.

Flexible Pricing


HomeBuilder3, through the use of “Price Sets”, can comprehensively accommodate the anomalies of supplier specific and regional pricing or a combination of both.

Electronic Transfer of POs


HomeBuilder3 has a comprehensive “Buying Fax System” which allows fully automated faxing of purchase orders.  Drill down to item level is available directly from the fax queue. When an order is entered and confirmed, the buyer has the option to print or fax it immediately or to leave it in a queue to be faxed in a batch at a scheduled time.

The system also offers the ability to email Purchase Orders direct to suppliers.

Reports and Enquiries


HomeBuilder3 Buying System encompasses a comprehensive range of standard reports.  In addition, the user can (with a minimum of training,) extract unlimited information from his database using the powerful “Quick Reports” facility.

On-screen purchase order enquiries provide the buyer with at-a-glance information on order history with full drill down to plot and item level.  After printing, orders are retained in the system until the buyer chooses to delete them.

Key Features


The following features of the HomeBuilder3 Buying System are among the many advantages offered:


  • User friendly, simple and intuitive interface.
  • Security passworded menu system
  • Full plot history of deliveries.
  • Tracking of replacement orders.
  • System alert for duplicate orders.
  • Optional plot release controls.
  • Automatic call-offs to build program and cover orders.
  • Build up of standard house types.
  • Automatic handing of schedules.
  • Exchange of information to/from spreadsheet.
  • Supplier specific and regional pricing database with cost comparisons.
  • Automatic scheduled faxing of purchase orders.
  • Single click emailing of purchase orders.
  • Option of producing either laser or dot matrix style hard copy purchase orders.