Straker is a member of the Motorola Solutions PartnerEmpowerâ„¢ Program in the technology segments for both Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing.


Wireless networks provide immediate benefits to your business in terms of:
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of access
  • Cost effectiveness
Staff can access your business systems anywhere on your premises - whether it be a small office or a large factory complex.

Wireless Infrastructure

wireless infra3

Straker have the experience and knowledge to assist in installing WiFi solutions on any scale from adding single wireless access ports within existing networks through implementing large scale wireless installations such as large offices/factories.

We can help with planning, site surveys and installation of both the wireless infrastructure as well as your business software.

 Whether you are looking for:

  • Wireless Switches
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Bridging
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wireless infra2

Using POE (Power Over Ethernet) devices like the Motorola RFS6000 wirelss network switch can substanially reduce wiring installation costs as there is no need to floodwire entire buildings with costly mains cabling to provide power for your wireless devices e.g. Access ports. These devices can be configured to receive their power through the same ethernet cable that carries the data.

Using multiple RFS6000 devices on a single network can also provide critical network reduandancy features whereby if one of the RFS6000 devices fails or loses power, then the others can be configured to automatically "take the strain" and assume its duties - helping to significantly reduce wireless network down-time due to hardware or power related issues.

Smartphones can be configured to use your network...


android tablet

... as well as tablets and laptops.


Handsets and Mobile Computing


Motorola MC9090 series

Straker can also supply and configure various hand-held devices to meet your requirements such as  the Motorola MC9090 range of ruggedised barcode scanners (Wireless and non Wireless) running various operating systems such as Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

These devices can also be configured to utilise Microsoft Remote Desktop functionality that enables them to directly access your existing servers and software systems through Microsoft Terminal Services. This approach can often minimise software development costs when implementing new systems.

Straker can develop bespoke applications using the latest VB.NET technology for these devices to your exact specification.

Straker App

Straker application on a Motorola device